Are you new to Medicare or reviewing your Medicare options?

We are licensed to help indivisuals in Alabama and Mississippi...


They say you learn something new everyday, but that doesn't mean you have to learn it by yourself...


When you are close to receiving your Medicare for the first time it can be very confusing. How can you make the best choice if you don’t have the knowledge of all the products to make an educated, unbiased decision?


Our Agency has Benefits Coordinators with over 23 years of experience that are knowledgeable of all your available options and they can assist you with your Medicare choices.


There are Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplements and there are even plans that work with group or retirement insurances. The cost varies from $0 premium in certain counties and up. 


Instead of interviewing countless Medicare/Advantage plan companies, allow our Coastal Benefits Coordinators to provide you with all your options at once.


Each Company believes their product is the "best" plan and has no problem promoting their product but... Everyone one has different needs and those needs 

Help us determine what Health Plan is best for you...


Health Insurance after Medicare....


Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplements, Drug plans

are available after receiving your Medicare. 

Every County has different plans and Benefits available.



Helping Those who need it the most!

Helping Seniors with Medicare Helping People when they need it the most!

Do you qualify for part B reimbursment or extra help on your medication?


Our agents can also help you by assisting with the paperwork needed to qualify for EXTRA HELP based off your income.

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